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Feel The Vybz: My CBD Drink Obsession

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Hailey here! So this brand quickly became one of my faves. My day job just moved offices (fun!) and in the new tiny market downstairs, I was ecstatic to see CBD infused drinks among the sodas and energy drinks in the fridge isle of the tiny store. I have anxiety, and I will admit, needed that tiny pick me up to get through the day.

The Taste:

I absolutely love the Blueberry Mint flavor. You cannot beat that perfect blend of minty berry freshness. By far my favorite. I also tried the Strawberry Lavender. It was sweet but not overly sugary. Light, refreshing and crisp! What more could you want?

The Feeling:

I was chilling out! The rest of the day was a breeze, and I found myself less irate because I wasn’t over thinking every little freaking thing. I was still able to function (duh!) and was even functioning better. I would HIGHLY recommend this item to any persons who just need to take a chill pill but hate the pill part.

The Story:

The story behind brands are really important to me, so I would like to share a bit about the brand itself. A direct quote from their about me page. “Modern medicine isn’t always the answer. A change in lifestyle is. ” That is all I needed to hear, a company with a purpose, VYBZ should be in all our households to promote tranquility and well-being. Tell them Hailey sent you!

Tata for now Haileyans!


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