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Monday Mystery: Vincent Van Gogh

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Anyone who knows me know’s I love a good mystery! I used to spend all day in bed, balls deep in a good Nancy Drew book (or game). When Buzzfeed Unsolved ended their season last week, I absolutely loved the episode. For starters, it’s centered around one of my favorite artists of all time, Vincent Van Gogh. They did an amazing job and covering the whole story and giving us insight into who he was as a person. Check out the video below:

He’s one of my favorite artists because I can relate to him so much. He was basically a millenial before it was even a term, traveling and living a nomadic lifestyle, trying to find his place in the world doing something he was passionate about and honestly, just being down right weird. (He cut of his own ear and presented it as a present for a sex worker, iconic.)

It has been widely accepted that Van Gogh, who struggled with his mental health a majority of his life took his own life. However, the true nature of Vincent van Gogh’s death continues to be a topic of much debate – especially after a leading forensics expert claimed that the artist was murdered.

The Sunflowers painter died an agonising 29 hours after taking a bullet to the abdomen in a wheat field near Paris in 1890. On his death bed he apparently revealed he had shot himself. However, Dr. Vincent Di Maio, an expert on gunshot injuries, has said that he be believes the wound was “not self-inflicted”.

In Van Gogh: The Life, a 960-page book published in 2011, the Pulitzer Prize-winning authors claim that the artist had been shot, possibly accidentally, by a couple of boys and that he had decided to protect them by accepting the blame. American academic John Rewald had talked of hearing local rumours about such a theory in the 1930s.

Personally, after watching the above video, it’s very hard to discount the facts which don’t line up with the story he told or timeline. I personally think Van Gogh was no snitch, and he died to save the lives of other, whether it was an accident or not. This to me, makes him even more of a beloved man. When he was alive, ridiculed and ruthlessly bullied for the life he chose to live, he would have never imagined that his name would forever be attributed to one of the greatest artists of all time. A lesson from him, never stop striving for your dreams!


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