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Lessons From Your Body: The Macula Densa

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Your body is an amazing machine. Most of the time, we take everything it does for us for granted, not realizing the countless mechanisms that are happening without us ever thinking about them. Most times, mechanisms that are important for our lives. For that I say thank you, and highlight my favorite part of it for the day.

I introduce you to your Macula Densa!

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Macula densa cells located in your kidney are salt sensors that generate important chemical signals that are vital for our kidney functions, including blood flow, blood cleaning, and renin release. Renin is the rate-limiting (it’s the boss boss) step in the activation of the renin-angiotensin system, the system that keeps your body in homeostasis. Without it, you’ll go bye bye, real quick.

Macula densa cells detect changes in your salt concentration through a complicated series of ion transport–related intracellular events.  Simply put, they monitor your ion concentration and makes the necessary changes to keep you up and running. If you’re too dehydrated, your body will retain water, if you’ve been really going ham on the Mountain Dew today, then your body will produce more pee.

So why is this a lesson. Well, I’ve been having many conversations with many people lately, they tell me their problems, and most of them know what is not good for them because of how it makes them feel. However, they choose to stay in the situation for various particular reasons. What you choose to do is on you, but please realize that the energy you choose to harbor or entertain will be all that will show up in your life. If you choose to put up with an situation you know you’re better than, then you subconsciously tell yourself that the situation you’re in is all you deserve, and you’ll never experience something greater. Your Macula Densa knows what’s good for it, and it makes the needed changes to get to a state that’s comfortable and healthy. A space it can flourish in. Lesson of the day: Don’t be afraid of change, change can be an amazing thing if looked at through the right lens.

Life can be beautiful, and it is. Embrace changes as they comes, and welcome them, knowing that everything that is happening, is happening for your greatest good. Thanks Macula Densa, now get back to keeping me alive.

Here are some ways you can do your part, and support your Macula Densa the way it supports you.

  1. Stop eating crap, end of story. If you need some recipes, check these out.
  2. Practice meditation or yoga, or some other form of self care to help your body better regulate your blood pressure.
  3. Exercize regularly to help your kidneys keep your blood sparkly and clean.
  4. Remember that cannabis and alcohol can be toxic to your liver if you use irresponsibly.
  5. Drink water!

As always, I would love to hear from you tribe. What are your thoughts on our amazing bodies? What are your thoughts on change? on life? Comment below and share with a friend.

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