Lucky Monroe

So, I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m no lazy stoner. When I’m medicating, I love to get out and do things when I’m not working. I’m always looking for the cool, interesting, weird and out of the ordinary, so hopefully you’ll find some fun suggestions on this list.

Get Relaxed at a Cannabis-Friendly Yoga Class

The benefits of yoga cannot be overstated. Toking up before getting bendy can help you relax into your body and feel more present. Additionally, doing this as a couple gives you a shared skill set from which to draw in the future if one of you notices that the other is tense or upset. Imagine saying something like, “It seems like there’s a lot going on for you right now. Can we take a few belly breaths together like we learned in yoga class?” If you live in a major city in a medical or recreational state, you’re likely to find a cannabis-friendly yoga studio on Meetup. I collaborate with Grassroots Healing all the time, and they regularly put on amazing yoga events. Check them out on their IG: @grassroots_healingmd.

Strain recommendation: Girl Scout Cookies!

See a Comedy Show

So, I did this once with a friend and it was enjoyable! Every major city has great (cheap) comedy shows almost every night of the week. You’ve already got the giggles — so go to a place where people won’t stare you down for laughing, you freaks. Most of these shows are in great local bars, breweries, and restaurants, so your cures for cottonmouth and the munchies are close at hand. If you’re not the best conversationalist (or you’re just too high), don’t worry! Talking is not allowed, and after the getty, you can chat about the show. If it’s a date and the first one, what your date laughs at can also give you a peek into their personality. Just make sure to check the reviews if there are any to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Strain recommendation: Any Haze or Diesel Cross. These strains tend to give you energy and help stimulate creativity. No one wants a lethargic date.

Check Out an Art Installation

Watching movies while you’re stoney baloney is a ton of fun, but sometimes paying attention to the plot can be a bit difficult; that’s why art installations will feed your visual cravings and leave room for discussion, and probably some giggling, without requiring you to stay focused on a storyline. Plus, it adds just the right amount of sophistication to a fun or romantic outing.

Strain recommendation: Blue Dream is a true fan favorite and a great strain for discussions and taking in masterpieces.

Take A Hike

For my nature lover’s out there (cough cough Taurus) this one’s for you! Nature is overwhelmingly beautiful, especially when you’re riding in that that Kush Cab. Check out an observatory, walk a nature trail, swim in a river or go for a scenic bike ride. You’ll be sure to have a blast, just be sure to go with a group or with a friend if you can and pack up on bug spray.

Strain recommendation: Alaskan Thunder F*ck.
It’s perfect for just having a good time during the summer.

Stargaze of Visit a Planetarium

If your stoner and also a proud nerd (just like me), you’ll probably love visiting a planetarium. Besides, they’re always even cooler when you’re baked like a cake, especially with someone you want  to snuggle up to.

If you happen to already live somewhere with a great view of the stars, that’s another one of the best date ideas for stoners. Bring a blanket, pillows, and a couple of blunts. (Na meen?)

Strain recommendation: Alien Asshat. Nuff’ said.


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