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3 Things I Learned Judging A Cooking Competition

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So I got to judge a really cool Iron Chedf style competition at Georgetown. I really tried to channel my inner Gordon Ramsey, but it was so hard because all the food was amazing! You learn a few things on the other side of judgement though, I’m usually the one cooking. It was a great experience that I, and my stomach will never forget.

Take Risks

Some of my favorite dishes from the event weren’t because of taste surprisingly. I tended to really like the dishes that were dramatic, extravagant and super out there. I think this is a lesson in knowing your audience, and I found that each chef attempted to cater to a variety of people, from the simple to the downright avant garde!

Make Your Work Personal

Everything you do, you should put your essence all up in there. Everything you put your hands to should reek of your amazing energy (the good kind of reek!) One of the chefs brought his entire family to the competition, and you could really see how they influenced and encouraged him, even down to the ingredients he chose to use. Surround yourself with things that make you feel whole and complete, and whatever you do won’t have a choice but to follow. Simple physics!

Have Fun

I know everyone says that but literally have fun. Put down the societal norms and expectations for a minute and create like no one is watching. Once you tap into your raw energy, you’d be amazed at what you can bring into existence.


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