Lucky Monroe

When FUBU Fails Us: Why I No Longer Support Morehouse College

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And by FUBU, I mean for us, by us. This article has been a long time coming for me. To be quite honest, it is with a heavy heart that I write this, however, to me, accountability is something that should never be compromised. I want to start off by saying that this is not an attack, unless you want it to be. This is simply a concerned HBCU graduate who demands better from our institutions that demand so much from us.

I’m a Spelman graduate, growing up I had never even heard of Spelman College. I was watching BET one day when ATL came on. I was hooked ever since. Thanks Lauren London. I say this because, my experience at Spelman taught me so much. So much about the world, about others around me, experiences of the black and brown, the entitled and the disenfranchised. Most importantly, it taught me about myself, what I’m made of, and what I refuse to stand for. That is the purpose of this critique.

I encouraged my brother to follow in my footsteps, as, I know what the world is like for young, ambitious black and brown boys. Unforgiving. I needed him to have that solid foundation, an unbreakable understanding of who he was and his place in the world. Morehouse, seemed like the no brainer choice for such an experience. Unfortunately, for him, and my family, it was anything but.

Morehouse has many problems, but stealing from it’s students should be the least. When federal money goes missing, twice, that should be a red flag that nobody should ignore. I won’t go into great detail about my brother’s issues with Morehouse here, as this experience is just one of many, so I’m taking a general approach. The truth of the matter is, Morehouse has failed it students one too many times. The institution claims to be a safe haven for black and brown boys, an institution that protects them, educates them, and celebrates them in a world hellbent on doing every but. However, when the integrity of the institution and those working there were questioned, and rightfully so, they responded in threats, even going as far as threatening to call the police and have my brother forcibly removed from campus in the current climate of black brown bodies and the police.

I’m quite frankly, disgusted and disappointed, in this institution. I can no longer support such a place that allows federal monies to go missing without any explanation and no plans for reparations parties. I can no longer support an institution that robs it’s students of meaningful experiences because it chooses to hire individuals who are not qualified, to say the least. I confronted the man who stole my brother’s financial aid, as I told him I was not leaving his office until I got an answer. That was even before I knew it was he. The man in question has since been fired, however, when the issue happened a second time, it became clear this problem did not stop with that individual. Morehouse owes it’s students much, much more. That is the least they can do. To Morehouse; Do better for your students, past and to come, hold yourselves accountable, be honest with yourselves, admit when you’re wrong, and fix things. Until then, we will not rest.


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