Lucky Monroe

5 Tips to Survive The Mercury Retrograde

Ok, so I don’t know about y’all, but this retrograde has been the worst BY FAR! I mean come on. Mercury is probably over there like “Oh, I got you shook now huh?”

Ahh, Mercury Retrograde, you’re here again, and just as fierce as ever. We dread you, but we need you! While things start spinning out of control around us until the 28th of this month, you teach us that our perspective changes everything.

What Mercury Retrograde is telling us is to move back spiritually. It’s pushing us to focus on all re-examining our lives, paying close attention to the energy that no longer serves us, remove what no longer feels good, let go of toxic habits and people, and generally refresh.

Sometimes it takes much more work than we’re used to, but when we’ve done the work, we move forward to a brighter day. This is the time to look at things with a clear perspective. When things go haywire in your life during Mercury retrograde, what area is it forcing you to examine? What parts in your life need intellectual, emotional, or spiritual meditation? This is the time that’s all revealed. So let’s get it

Save yourself the trouble, don’t make any big purchases during this time. Last year, I wen’t on a little me time shopping spree because my life had been crazy and I needed retail therapy. I got home and not one item fit. Don’t do it to yourself.

Think before you speak! Communication can get wonky during this time, so make sure you’re direct and deliberate with the messages you share with others to make sure things run smoothly. Miscommunication is bound to happen anyway, avoid having important conversations, and if you must, make it in an in-person brunch date.

Don’t take things too personally! Just as messages you may share with others can be skewed, the same goes for the messages you perceive. Get a little loose with giving people the benefit of the doubt.

Back up your data! Always, save, save, save! Have a back up of a back up. Always better safe than sorry. Don’t let it pull a social media shutdown on you.

Don’t skip that fine print. Grab a comb and sweep through it with focused diligence! Don’t be fearful of signing contracts, but remember to take in all the information before signing anything.

Time to tidy up that closet! Finish projects you started previously but never completed.

Btw, don’t forget to live child! Don’t let it get you down. It doesn’t have to be a negative time. Just because Mercury is retrograde, this doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold. Be mindful, be diligent, and don’t lose your focus! Perspective is key.

Later tribe,



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