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4 Reasons Why You Should Go See ‘Fighting With My Family’

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Last night, I had the amazing opportunity to see a first hand look at a new comedy, Fighting With My Family, set to play in theaters everywhere February 22nd. All thanks to this amazing Meetup Group called Geeks Night Out. If you are ever in DC and are interested in interesting, educational and different events, check us out! I was extremely excited because it was co-produced by Stephen Merchant, a co-creator of The Office, which is literally one of my favorite shows of all time. I was surprised to find out the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also produced it. Apart from being my husband as his greatest achievement, I was happy to see him pushing the boundaries of his many talents. In an industry mostly associated with loads of testosterone and sweaty angry men pounding each other to a pulp, I appreciated seeing it through this new lens, this view, a heavily female view. It was new and refreshing. Overall I really enjoyed the movie, here are ten reasons why I think you should make this your next family outing.

It’s about women’s empowerment

I think that this movie being released right before Women’s Month was a great idea. The movie is about wrestling in the WWE and the story of
 Saraya “Paige” Bevis, the youngest WWE women’s champion in the title’s history at the age of 21. However, I appreciated the fact that they touched on different types empowerment and what it means and looks like depending on who you are. I’m such a supporter of women empowering themselves however they see fit. It also does a good job at showing that you can shine as a woman, going for her dreams without dimming the light of women around you and assuming the worst in people when you have not given them the chance to show you their best.

It’s about family

I love that a family of wrestlers was so loveable and relateable, in their own unique and witty way. I feel like there is so much pressure as to what a healthy family should look like, and it’s just not realistic. There is going to be conflict, there is going to be issues, but the movie does do a good job at portraying what healthy communication and resolution looks like in a realistic way. It’s about acceptance, and true calling, and the ability to support others even when you, yourself, are facing adversity.

It’s about mental health

I like the way the film deals with mental health, and how it shows the evolution of emotions as someone faces certain problems. It was real and unphased, and at times shocking. It’s important for individuals to realize when someone is not OK, and it is OK to say you are not OK and to get help. It’s also OK to realize and say when you think someone is not OK, in a respectful way of course. However, ignoring the issues and pretending like everything will be fine is not the answer. If you ignore your needs, it will only come out in ways that surprise even you.

It’s about differently-abled people

Just because you have different abilities than other people doesn’t mean you automatically are excluded from something. I love how the movie portrays individuals as disabilities, or as I like to call it, differently-abled. Certain aspects of oneself that they may not be able to control, such as being blind, should not stop someone from believing in themselves, and shouldn’t stop others from believing and supporting their dreams either. You have no idea what heights you are capable of achieving until you’re up there.

It’s about believing in yourself

One of my favorite lines from the movie by far was “Just because you don’t have a million people screaming your name when you do something, doesn’t mean it’s not important.” It speaks volumes, because as individuals, we are always comparing ourselves to the next person, we are always feeling insufficient in what we do, and we always tend to get in our feelings when our paths look nothing like the paths of another. It’s all about having a healthy relationship with yourself, your dreams and passions, and those around you.

I hope you find these reasons interesting enough to check it out, I know I did, and I don’t regret at all.

I’d love to hear from you guys! Do you think you will go see it? Have you seen it already? Sound off below!


PS. I love how The Rock is front and center on the flyer but only has about 10 minutes of screentime in the entire movie. LOL!

Until Next Time Tribe,



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