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When Art Meets Health: Molekule and Allergies

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Spring is nearly here, despite snowy forecasts even down South. But our allergens haven’t gotten the note that we’re not ready for them yet (or ever). I recently found out about a rather new technology called Molekule.   When you hear stories from real users like Katrina Klauer, it’s hard not to take notice. For example, she got Molekule for her young son in a desperate attempt to alleviate his debilitating respiratory issues he had been experiencing for some time. Within two weeks of using Molekule, Katrina’s son no longer had his sleep interrupted by coughing fits, and within a month, Katrina barely had to use his rescue inhaler.

Let’s talk first things first: this thing is absolutely stunning. As in, friends come over and gasp, What is that cool machine? In fact, one of the few places that sells it is MoMA (yes, the art museum). So, it’s a conversation piece. As it should be, for the price.

Now, let’s talk air. The EPA says that our indoor air is actually 5x more polluted than our outdoor air. I believe it, too. I’m terrible about opening up the windows and letting fresh air in our house. So, the thing that makes Molekule special, in terms of actual air purification, is that it uses a new process called PECO to destroy pollutants at the molecular level. Basically, everything from allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses and chemicals are eliminated from your air (not trapped in a filter). So your air is legitimately cleaner. In fact, the Molekule can trap VOCs and viruses that are 1000x smaller than anything a mainstream HEPA filter can trap. This makes it this a must-have for anyone with a compromised or sensitive immune system, much like sufferers of asthma and severe allergies. It can even connect to your wifi, to allow you to control it remotely. Other filters I have used
time out and turn off, so I’m regularly having to go check to see if they’re still on. Others required me to refill water tanks. Molekule requires none of that. In fact, the only thing you have to do is change the filters and your purchase includes a free 1-year filter subscription, so they will just automatically show up at your door. After that first year, you can buy a subscription for replacement filters directly from Molekule. Sounds like a dream right? Well….

The one downside to it is that is comes with a hefty price tag at $800 dollars. Please curb your fainting spells. It’s not all doom and gloom. Considering how efficient it is, how well it works, and how stunning it looks, to me, it’s a great investment. I’m a huge advocate for preventative care. With the prices of asthma and allergy management rising and the availability of life saving treatments declining, Molekule may lessen the burden a bit, especially if you have a large family prone to allergies or in the midst of managing asthma. I would love the opportunity to try this out myself and do a review, until then, you can give it a try!

You can purchase the Molekule at their website or at a handful of shops including Sprout and MoMA. Thanks, Molekule, for sending us a unit to try out.

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