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15 Interesting Facts About DNA

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1. In the end of 2013, the Hornsleth Deep Storage Project will lower a vast iron sculpture into the Marianas Trench, which will be filled with human blood, hair samples, and animal DNA so that it could be used to bring people and endangered species back to life in the future. – Source

2. Researchers have calculated that DNA has a 521 year half-life, which means that the oldest clone-able samples of DNA could be no more than 2 million years old, ruling out any possibility of ever replicating dinosaurs, as the youngest dinosaurs were around more than 65 million years ago. – Source

3. All humans have the DNA structure that is 99.9% similar, and the last 0.01% is enough to identify different DNA sequences (to tell apart which DNA belongs to whom) – Source

4. About 8 % of the human DNA is made up of ancient viruses that used to infect us – Source

5. If you have a bone marrow transplant, your blood can have the donor’s DNA and your salival and hair DNA will be your own. It has caused people to be wrongly arrested based on DNA evidence. – Source

6. Human DNA is 50% similar to bananas – Source

7. In 2004, a rapist fooled DNA tests by surgically implanting a tube filled with someone else’s blood in his arm and tricking the laboratory technician into having a blood sample taken from it – Source

8. In an experiment conducted by Harvard researchers, they were able to store 700 terabytes of data on a single gram of DNA. – Source

9. There is an 18-year-old who has never aged (physically or mentally) past toddler level. And her DNA may one day be the basis of a breakthrough on mortality. – Source

10. Instead of venom, the Braconid wasp produces an immune-suppressing virus, which paves the way for its parasitic larvae in the host. This adaptation is the result of a 100-million year old virus, which altered the wasp’s DNA leading to the formation of an organ, whose sole purpose is to assemble the virus. – Source

11. Meteorites that fell on the early Earth brought reduced phosphorus to the planet. This allowed oxidation to phosphates, thus providing a mechanism for the generation of DNA and RNA. – Source

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12. Men have lost the DNA code that once made human penises spiny – Source

13. A group of scientists transcribed the song “It’s a Small World After All” into the DNA of a bacteria that is resistant to radioactivity, so that in the event of a nuclear catastrophe, we could pass a message on to future intelligent life. – Source

14. There is a memory device orbiting the Earth aboard International Space Station that contains the DNA of Stephen Hawking, Stephen Colbert, Lance Armstrong, among others, in case of some worldwide catastrophe. It is called the “Immortality Drive.” – Source

15. There is an 80 Million year old microscopic aquatic animal made up entirely of females. “Bdelloid rotifers are to microscopic life as Rogue is to the X-Men.” They steal DNA from other organisms, mutating their own genes to absorb new traits. They can also survive 9 yrs of Desiccation”. – Source


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