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How Traveling Can Help You To Find Yourself

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I must admit. I have no idea what’s going on in my life. I’m usually one to have a plan A, B and C. Most times even a D in case all three first options fall through. Recently, I’ve been forced not to live that way anymore and it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done. It’s also the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

I recently learned about manifestation, and the true power of faith, hope and love. I have a picture in my head, of who I want to be, based not on other people’s expectations, but solely my own. The minute I changed perspectives and gave up control, was the minute my life changed forever. It’s hard though, walking a path with no clear finish line, or even mile markers letting you know “Hey, you’re heading in the right direction.” So more often than not, I was feeling completely lost, guided only by my soul letting me know, this is the right direction. So to find myself, I took a trip. For my birthday this year, two of my very dear friends, who both landed jobs at Microsoft invited me to their beautiful home and I got to see friends from college I haven’t seen in years. I went to Seattle, Washington. The west coast, by myself, for the first time. Upon arrival, I knew it was going to be an unforgettable weekend. I could feel my energy pulsing, stronger than ever, same feeling I get when I dance, or sing, or create.

For starters, cannabis is legal there. So, of course I had to take a grand tour! However, Washington was just ranked number 3 on a UFO sightings list and as an enthusiast, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my birthday. I visited The Green Door Dispensary and received one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. Not only were the walls adorned with hundreds of products, literally anything you could think of, but the quality of everything supplied was top notch. It’s hilarious that I had to travel all the way to the west coast to meet one of my favorite strains that’s local right here in DC available at Sky Gardens. My favorite strain of the trip by far was Alien Asshat. The name ALONE sold me, but the nice lady behind the counter recommended it for my party because some of the reported effects are non-stop giggle fests and euphoric happiness. Boy, did it deliver. O, M, G tribe, I was in a totally different nebula.  I tend towards sativas, and this one was simply muah! I also had two types of gummies, one that I will never forget was the DoobCube. Family, I kid you not, I ascended into heaven and came back. Literally. OMG. It starts off kind of slow, I felt my limbs tingling at first but nothing too noticeable. However, about 2 hours in and your literally dancing through forests looking for the wild things. I know I was, but by forests I mean the best that queer Seattle clubs have to offer. It. Was. Lit! I had such a great time in a space that genuinely affirmed and celebrated every individual that walked up in there, no matter how you chose to present.

The art scene is Seattle is out of this world. From murals to performance art, I would have to take a trip out there to I got to visit the The Fremont Troll (also known as The Troll, or the Troll Under the Bridge) is a public sculpture in the Fremont. The Troll is a mixed media colossal statue, located on N. 36th Street at Troll Avenue N., under the north end of the George Washington Memorial Bridge. I also have this fascination with abandoned buildings, and Gasworks did not disappoint. The site of many UFO sightings and numerous other supernatural phenomena, I was so psyched to go. Gasworks Park is the world’s last remaining example of what Geological Engineer Allen Hatheway calls “perhaps the single most important industrial enterprise of the nineteenth century”  synthetic gas manufacturing plants. Not to be confused with the natural gas used in stoves today, synthetic gas is a man-made fuel extracted from coal, petroleum or other carbon-based materials.

One of the most unique experiences of the trip was “Ghost Party”, an interactive play where you are also in the show, organized by an independent theatre company called DACHA. While there, dinner party guests explored a mysterious gala of lost souls and interact with its diverse inhabitants. We got to dive deep into the ghost’s tragic past and race against the clock to find a way to set them free – or you might try and meet as many spirits as you can. A group of about 50 patrons, as diverse as the ghosts themselves, interacted with each ghost, finding out about their shady pasts, what horrible secrets are keeping them chained to this dimension and find a way to help them move on. Our group, closing night BTW, and saved 19 out of 25 ghosts. Not too shabby for someone who was literally STILL dancing with the aliens. The delicate balance between life and death, we take for granted, and this exploration of death, of cycles and of letting baggage go was the perfect way to end my birthday.

“But how did you find yourself Lady?” you ask. Well, when you spend time alone talking to yourself, investing in what makes you happy and surrounded by positivity, your subconscious mind gets more connected to your conscious mind and you gain more self understanding. Most of the emotional problems people experience result from the lack of self understanding, traveling can certainly help you ease your emotional problems and live a better life. In addition to this when you get stuck in the daily routine you tend to lack vision and you forget about your long term goals. Focusing too much on the tasks you need to complete in a certain day can certainly prevent you from seeing the full picture. Now when you travel and stop doing all of these routine tasks you will start thinking about the future, your dreams and your life purpose. This doesn’t only lead to more self understanding but it can actually help you in planning for your future life.

I came across an interesting study recently, where researchers from Hadassah University in Jerusalem analyzed seven accounts of life really flashing before your eyes when you die, as the parts of the brain that store memories are the very last to be affected as other functions fail. Research on those who have had “near death” experiences suggests that the phenomenon rarely involves flashbacks in chronological order, as happens in Hollywood films. Those involved in  the study said they lost all sense of time, with memories flying  back at them from all periods of their life. Visiting Seattle will be one of the greatest memories I’ve had. I can’t wait to watch it all over again right before I die, in that moment where your life flashes before your eyes. In an instant, I want go out smoking one and enjoying the movie that I made, cherishing every beautiful moment. Wouldn’t you? Seriously, travel more, and often.

Until next time tribe,



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