Lucky Monroe

Up and Coming: Shalane Goss



I had the pleasure of having a first listen to a new album. The sweet, dark scent of  Palo Alto filled the room and my string of mood lights set a romantic dusk about the room as I was serenaded by the smooth, strong and unique voice of Shalane Goss.  It’s excruciatingly cold outside right now, but this album warmed all my bones.

Each song on her new album, The Search, has a unique character. It’s like meeting a new personality, with their own dreams, ambitions and desires, and watching them unfold, becoming vulnerable in front of your eyes, or ears in this case. I was definitely getting Weekend meets Common meets The Internet vibes on this one. There is something for everybody, the sultry, the sexy, the bold, the hood. The album managed to encompass many sides of me, and it will for you too. Check out her new album dropping soon, it’s a treat you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in. I know I don’t. Follow  her on social media IG: @ShalaneGoss



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