Lucky Monroe

Spicy Pineapple Chick’n

This salad was like an explosion of island in my mouth. The mouthwatering combination of spicy, succulent and sweet really gave me the pick me up I needed. This is a heavier salad so I felt fuller for longer. I also never use measurements in my cooking, so I’ll give general direction but no usually specific amounts. It’s my hope that you too can cook with your soul being your guide.

For the salad, I used a prepackaged box of mixed greens. Feel free to use any brand you like or eat over a bed of rice or couscous.


For The Sauce

• 2 cups pineapple juice

• 3 tbsp sriracha hot

• 2 tbsp soy sauce

• 2 tbsp garlic paste

• 2 tbsp flour

For The Chick’n

• 1/2 of Quorn Chick’n Tenders

• 5 tbsp flour

• salt and pepper

• 3 tbsp olive oil

• pineapple chunks


1 To make the sauce, add everything but the flour into your pan and bring it to a boil.

2 Scooping a few spoonfuls of sauce into a side bowl, slowly add your flour into the side bowl to thicken the sauce. Mix until the sauce is smooth.

3 Whisk the thicken sauce into the pan and let the sauce simmer for a couple minutes so it can thicken.

4 While the sauce is simmering, cut your chicken breast into cubes and then add it to a ziploc bag with flour, salt, and pepper. Shake the bag until the chick’n is evenly coated. Season your flour with salt, pepper, season salt, garlic, basil, turmeric, and parsley.

5 Once the sauce is as thick as you’d like, pour it out and set it aside in a bowl. In the same pan, add some olive oil and your chicken. Let the chick’n brown on one side before flipping it over. I recommend also seasoning the chick’n here as well, I would even add some lemon pepper.

6 Once the chick’n is golden brown, add the sauce and pineapples into the pan and toss everything until it’s all evenly coated.

7 Serve with rice or salad and garnish as you wish.

I added some cherry tomatoes, fresh red onion, thousand island dressing, ginger and guacamole but please get creative! I hope you enjoy!


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