Lucky Monroe

Morning Musings I

download (6)I have an entire morning routine. Recently, I learned the importance of having one. I cannot tell you how many of us are starting our days out ALL wrong. Usually, what I was used to was waking up with just enough time to get ready, have a half ass breakfast if at all, and then rush out the door to face whatever awaited me during the day. Day in day and out, that was my routine. NERD MOMENT ALERT! I’m extremely into physics, in fact, I was a biology major in college and I love the study of life and everything but I struggled sometimes finding the push to get through assignments, however, I was first in the classroom when it came to physics. It’s like, an art, and it can explain everything around us, within us and about us, both physically and spiritually and my personal beliefs are even mentally. Two of the greatest lessons I learned from physics are 1) with every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and 2) matter (and energy) cannot be created nor destroyed. (Thanks Newton!). I have been learning more and more about consciousness and the law of attraction.

My first muse for this morning and the take away message is: It would only make sense that you attract back to you what you send out into the universe. So if you start your day, rushed, stressed out and unfulfilled, all your going to do is experience that ALL DAY! Think about, waking up to your time of month starting, but everyday of your life. (Or for my guy readers, its like getting kicked in the pubes over and over). However, (second musing alert) that energy can be converted, into a more streamlined and disciplined frequency which should result in a more pleasurable living experience. This not only applies to your actions outwardly, but your inward emotions as well. If you are harboring pain, jealousy, strife, guilt or any other negative emotion without properly healing yourself, all you will do is attract that into your life, and it becomes this endless cycle that leaves your rushing for the nearest freezer isle to break your diet, again. In simpler terms, take inventory of what you give space to, I your life, in your relationships and within you. Protect what’s inside you with your life. You do that by investing into your health and wellbeing, you can also keep reading this blog as well (insert shameless promotion). I challenge you to research different rising routines, pick one that works for you. Try it for a week and let me know how it goes for you. I love hearing from my readers.

Happy rising tribe,



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