Lucky Monroe

How to find your voice

Our voice is our essence, writ plain for the world to see. Many people feel safe in confiding in me as they identify with many of the experiences I’ve had. They ask me how they can find their own voices And I have no easy answer — I’m not even sure I can say I’ve fully found my voice yet. It’s a quest that doesn’t seem to end — not a Grail quest, really, but a constant retuning as the essence of who I am neverendingly changes. But I feel I’ve found something that has felt right to me for some time. I’ll share some of my thoughts, but keep in mind I don’t hold the answers firmly at all. I’m learning, and I hope my learning helps yours.

Practice what you preach. This is almost all I need to say, as nothing else matters without the constant practice of making decisions and navigating issues daily.

Make a bucket list. Literally of everything you have always wanted to do, no matter how small or how out of this world it may seem. Then, do every single thing on that list. The best thing? You can always add to it.

Experiment boldly. Rip off the greats, and the goods as well. Mimick and make it your own. Trial and error. Think of things outside of the pretty box, even if convention tells you to.

Learn to hear yourself. I’m not talking about the really annoying voice that tells you, “you ain’t shit,” that comes from your brain. It’s really the low voice that comes from your gut. Don’t listen to everything your heart says though, sometimes (most times) that bitch is wrong. It’s not how you talk aloud, but how you talk to yourself, in the noisy cavern of your skull. I listen to myself talk, inside, and that’s the voice I try to get down in everything I do.

Find what feels true. You’ll do and try a lot, and of it will be bullshit or extremely hard. You need the bullshit if you want to find the truth. Sort through the bullshit until you learn to recognize the truth, by feel, not by any logical criteria. The truth looks remarkably like bullshit.

Find clarity. Good things, it’s been said often, come from clear thinking. If your thinking is muddled, everything you do will be too. I’d recommend a self-taught course on logic, but really I’ve found it’s a matter of simplifying. Practice prioritizing your thoughts and keeping on top of your to do list. Honestly, it’ll make you feel like you’re on top of game, which you will be.

Remove the noise. It’s a process of subtraction more than addition. Most people end up with confusion, because they never subtract. Take a breather, meditate, do yoga or take a walk to be with yourself, by yourself. Most people also have too much noise in their lives to hear their own thinking. Too much is going on around them, and online, and they have no time for solitude. You can’t hear your thoughts, your voice, without solitude. Remove the noise in your life as well.

Use your voice. You don’t embark on a quest for your voice just for the sake of beauty — a noble pursuit, but it’s not enough. You must use your voice. Use it to express yourself, to help others, to change the world.

Until next time tribe,



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